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Thread: Garmin AHARS Position

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    Default Garmin AHARS Position

    Im considering mounting this behind the pilot side seat on a Al panel. The directions say mount within 1 degree of the longitudinal axis. I read this as the yaw direction. Then it says level withing 30 degrees. I believe the structure behind the seat is slightly tilted rearward so I want to make sure this would be an acceptable position considering the unit would be slightly out of level in pitch although square to the frame in all other axis.

    I think this position would simplify wiring and routing of the air lines from the wings. In addition it is much more rigid than the panel and would make the garmin manual happy.

    Also I would share the plate with my GPS20A. I dont read anything that tells me this would be a problem but Im putting it here as a check!

    Does anyone see any issue with this?

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    Default Re: Garmin AHARS Position

    I didn't mount mine there but I can't see why it wouldn't be any good. If you think you need it to be without "pitch" of any kind, then just use standoffs to orient the plate of aluminum vertically. Mine is mounted on the back of the G3X itself which is very sturdy on the panel. I notice not any indication that my panel is flexing or vibrating whatsoever. To achieve this, I attribute it to happen stance, my glare shield cutouts for the brackets where it meets the windshield, have been cut nearly too shallow. I really have got to apply force on the glare shield to get my screws in at the top of the panel. Makes for a very firm install.
    Eddie Forward
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