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Thread: garmin auto pilot install questions

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    Default garmin auto pilot install questions

    Working on the autopilot in my SS7. I am working with the kitfox supplied one page instructions. I just have this mocked up in these pics. The biggest question I have is about the measuring point. The instructions call for mounting the plate inboard 6.063" from the frame. That is a 6" ruler in the pics for reference.

    Does this all look ok?

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    Default Re: garmin auto pilot install questions

    Two things here. I don't believe you need to be concerned about measuring. I didn't have KF supplied information nor did I have Garmin information. I put it where I could fit it. My goal was to place the servo such that the direction of travel of the push pull rod that you made is directly in line. I don't really have any misalignment of the rod end bearings. I wish I had not already mounted an antenna on that pad and I would have mounted like you. Second, I have made my connection to the servo arm exactly as you have. However, I just discovered in the installation manual, we should be connecting to the hole closest to the center of rotation for optimum functioning of the Auto Pilot. I can attest, My AP has not been configured to my satisfaction hence the reason I went researching what I have to do to get it operating better. I discovered that they recommend the closest hole on the arm for attaching the control rod. You can verify by looking in the G3X installation manual. While were on the subject, I had everything all set up, my connecting rods were all fabricated and connected beautifully. Then it came time to rig the flapperons. That will change everything pertaining to the distances you used to fabricate the connecting rods. As a result, in spite of the adjustable rod end bearings, I had to fabricate an entirely new rod that fit properly once the rigging was accomplished. Fortunately I had left over raw stock that I was able to make a new rod. Hope that helps.
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