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MD-RA and Letter of Intent

  1. nathan_s
    Hello fellow Canadian Kitfox builders and owners!

    Iíve a Super Sport kit arriving in the next couple of months, and Iíve been reviewing the regulatory process with TC and the MD-RA ahead of the delivery of the kit.

    First thing I have to do is send in the Letter of Intent that is provided on the MD-RA website. It looks pretty straightforward, but Iíve a couple of queries Iím wondering if anyone here has the answer to based on their experience.

    1) For the serial number, can this be anything I want at all, or is there a serial number on the fuselage that I could, or should use?

    2) The Super Sport is an eligible TCCA/FAA kit as its listed on the FAA's revised list of eligible kits, but is it considered a standard kit or a quick build kit? Iím getting the quick build wings option if that makes a difference?
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