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  1. Hi Jim,

    It's been awhile now... I found that using the small tubes of Hysol with a mixing nozzle might have made it a little easier to lay down even beads quickly, so that I had more time to adjust & play with everything. You will probably have to figure out how you want to hold the fiberglass against the ribs as it cures (straps, weights?). The guy to really talk to might be Desert Fox 1 (Phil Laker, "Papa"), or his friend/helper Bill Prost (sp?). I think that Bill is the one who has actually probably done it a few times. He probably has it down pretty good. Good luck!
  2. Hi John,
    I'm getting ready to install to LLE. How did you do them? I seem to recall a previous post from you that it was a messy process. What can I do to avoid too many problems?


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