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  1. Thank you Phil. I found them at Lockwood. Going to install them mainly safety concern as if fuel comes out the overflow hose it will run onto the exhaust system. Thus a fire hazard I am running the k&N filters. The new way is that they are on the airbox. All new to me as I'm just getting started with the rotax 912uls. Will I be working on those carbs regularly.
    Anyway been reading a lot of you and the Kitfox family's post and have a lot of respect for your passion and love of this aircraft. I have had my eye on it since the early 90s. I started it today what a rush. Seems like a bad little engine. I will post some pics in near future. Thanks again jeff
  2. Hi Jeff, I've built several Kitfox since 1992, but never put the trays on. I think
    they are part of the airbox package. Not sure if they are available as a separate
    part but Lockwood would know. Never needed the trays myself but seems like
    they would make it very hard to check the floats and etc. Phil
  3. HelloMy name is jeff Jardine I am currently finishing up my new ss7. A friend of mine who previously built 2 kitfoxes stopped to take a look yesterday and recommended that I install carb trays that would fit under the carbs so fuel would not spill onto exhaust. Made sense to me but I can't find them anywhere. He said it was a rotax part. Can you help me locate them. Thanks jeff
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