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  1. Thanks Chase. I sent you my cell. Fly down anytime and give me an inspection. I'll buy lunch.
  2. Hey Mike, I'm based at M48 .awesome on working on your model 4 , the 3 guys over this way are getting things done also, one is signed off to start flying,,he is waiting on warmer weather, I will send you my cell number in a private messege
  3. Hi Chase,
    I have been working diligently this winter on my model IV and taking lessons. One of my friends is always looking for a new destination to fly to in his skyline and I was wondering what airport you fly into? Maybe one day we could fly out for a visit.
  4. No problem. Thanks.
  5. Hey Mike, sorry, its been a hectic couple of weeks, i will get the link up soon, almost done with the rat race here, new garage doors, new HVAC system( hopefully contractors finish wednesday) i can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel��
  6. Hi Chase,
    How do I get a shirt?
    Mike Kahle
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