View Full Version : Favorite 2013 Kitfox fly-outs

David McCormick
12-31-2013, 08:03 AM
Sentimental Journey Fly-in. Lock Haven,Pa. Benton,Pa Fly-in. PA40. Sunbury island. EAA769. Breakfast. Mifflin County. EAA breakfast

12-31-2013, 07:46 PM
For this year...only been to one. The Copperstate Fly-in in Casa Grande, Arizona. Got to meet a few of the DF Squadron, including DF4 and Papa...spent some time talking to John & Deb, and also met and talk to Paul Leadabrand with Stick & Rudder...Great group of folks in this KF family! Y'all make it an enjoyable time...still waiting for my opportunity to buy/build, but until then...thanks again for taking time to discuss your planes with me.