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08-09-2012, 04:39 PM
While at the Kitfox Aircraft facilities and while getting ready for AirVenture 2012 I had the occasion to fly John and Debra's 7 SS. Since I'd last flown it John had added a great feature to his Kitfox, TCW's Safety-Trim intelligent servo controller. This system is a real answer to the fast trim syndrome.
The Safety-Trim modification takes the normal high speed trim actuator and reduces the speed automatically when the aircraft achieves 80 mph indicated. This allows a much more precise trim adjustment while in cruise speeds yet retains the benefit of the higher trim adjustment speed while in slow flight or while doing pattern work. Anyone with a model 5- 7 SS with an electric trim knows how quick the stock trim is at cruising speeds. This system takes care of that and also provides a built in safety feature to control a runaway trim system.

When we arrived at AirVenture I had a chance to visit with Bob and Jason at the TCW booth. They took time to show me all the TCW products including the Safety-Trim system. I had to tell them how impressed I was with their Safety-Trim.3751
If you are looking for a simple solution to the quick trim on your Kitfox 5-7SS consider the Safety-Trim from TCW. Read more about this product and all the available products at TCW's website. http://www.tcwtech.com/Safety-Trim-Page.htm

:) Kitfox Aircraft is a dealer for TCW products so contact John or Debra for your kit. The TCW Technologies Safety-Trim kit price is $179.00 including the airspeed sensor. Kitfox Aircraft's part number for the kit is 98089.:)

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08-15-2012, 03:30 PM

Like the magic thermos that keepS hot things hot and cold things cold, how do it know?

Where is the speed sensor?

08-15-2012, 03:42 PM
I would imagine the airspeed sensor is installed in the pitot tube line. I also think it is adjustable to engage the speed reduction in the trim motor at what ever air speed you want to set it for.

12-18-2012, 12:11 AM
Anyone installing this in their SS7? What are your thoughts?


12-18-2012, 05:55 AM
I am installing it but I wont have a flying example for years.

The veteran kitfox guys say the quick trim is something you get used to. But I figure I am going to have so many people flying the plane that this would be a nice feature.

12-18-2012, 08:36 AM
I've read the post, etc about the trim speed and see the need to address it in some manner. I like John Ps solution but this seems to address more than just the speed issue.

Are you doing elevator and rudder trim?


Tom T
12-18-2012, 10:43 AM
I have this system installed in my RV and can tell you it works great.

The airspeed is determined by a switch installed in the pitot line. You also have adjustments for the actuator speed in both the high/low airspeed ranges. Finally in the event of a run away trim motor the system limits engagement to about three seconds, the you can use the panel switch to reverse the actuator, relieving the control pressures, then disable the system for flight until landing can be completed.

The guys at TCW are great to work with, so don't hesitate to call with questions about there systems.