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01-29-2011, 11:38 PM
During Oshkosh 2010, I had the opportunity to spend some time with the AeroLed's group at their booth. I was interested in led landing lights with wig-wag capability. I was shopping for something as bright as my off the shelf Auto Zone lights but not near as power hungry yet would fit in my limited wingtip space.
Mike D'Amico and Dean Wilkinson recommended their Sunlite's for the job. Susan Calvin sold me two Sunlites on the spot and I hauled them back to Phoenix in Phil Laker's Kitfox.
I finally got the chance to install and fly with them and they look and work great. These are the lowest output landing lights that AeroLed's market yet they are as bright as my old power robbing 55 watt units. Anyone that flies the Rotax 912 series engines know that we run short of power sometimes with everything turned on at once. Installing AeroLed's lights has reduced my alternators burden considerably.

By adding a switch (so easy) you can run them as landing lights or wig-wag's. Wig-wags make you much more visible much sooner to other aircraft.
Having other aircraft see me sooner is my #1 priority here in Phoenix's busy airspace. Sunlites were easy to install. Did it in less than 3 hours total time including making two brackets (Aeroled's has brackets available). I'm considering putting a third and even brighter unit (Microsun) on my bottom cowling.
It will easily tie into the existing wig-wag system.

From now on, if I'm flying , I'm wig-wagging.:D

Thanks to Nate Calvin, Mike, Dean and Susan for your assistance and spot on recommendation. It was great meeting all of you.
Below is a link to AeroLed's Landing Light page. Check them out.

Products that deliver more than they promise.

"AeroLed's. Making you look brighter."
Couldn't we all use that?;)

AeroLed's Landing Lights (http://www.aeroleds.com/landing-lights/experimental.aspx)

01-31-2011, 07:25 AM
I just bought a 'micro sun" and am in the process of installing it. It attaches to my strut at the wing. It sure is bright. One of the guys at the booth(Sebring) where I bought it has 2 of them on his Kitfox and he said he could be seen from 6 miles away !
I too have mine in the "wig wag" mode. Hopefully my blue/white airplane will become a little more visable in this high military traffic area around Pensacola. I have had a few close ones !
Dick Maddux

01-31-2011, 10:48 AM
have had a few close ones !So have I Dick. :eek: And most right around a busy airport where see and avoid should be in full use.
If you've ever flown with another Kitfox you know how small we look in flight compared to say a Cessna 172 . Hence my Kitfox is painted "don't kill me" yellow. No you won't find that color in the Poly Fiber color chart. The only other way to be seen other than TCAS in every aircraft is with lights. If the other guy actually looks out of his cockpit he will see you with wigwags of extreme brightness.
The microsun would be in my wingtips if it would physically fit. It will be on my cowling for sure.

02-10-2011, 11:09 PM
A short Youtube video taken at my hangar of the AeroLed's Sunlite landing/wig-wag lights mounted in my Kitfox's clear wingtips.
Youtube AeroLed's Sunlites wingtip mounted Kitfox. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pJKs8X5ag0)

They appear as bright or brighter than the 55 watt halogen lights I removed to install these. Power usage was reduced dramatically.:)