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10-07-2008, 11:34 AM
Real quick update on some of the current happenings at Kitfox Aircraft.

Things are going very well.. and hopefully we’ll see you at the Copperstate Fly-in October 23-26 in Casa Grande, AZ

There are some items of interest that we have been working on that we thought it was time to share. A Parts and Accessory Catalog is being worked on and hope to have the initial print available soon.

1. Flaperons – We have just about got all the parts back together to have the ability to offer the earlier symmetrical flaperon. Why the previous tooling was destroyed nobody knows and doesn’t matter. We simply feel it is very important to continue to offer the earlier style as replacements may be needed.
2. LLE – Laker Leading Edge. This is a new item that is looking very exciting. We have all discussed, some have tried (including Kitfox), the advantages of having a smooth leading edge. It has been accomplished in the past using aluminum. The issue with aluminum leading edges was the oil canning. The aluminum leading edge initially looked very good but as the Kitfox wing is very flexible oil canning would occur and possible disrupt the airflow not to mention looks pretty bad. After some trial and error we have developed a leading edge from composite materials so it is very light weight, strong, and flexible. The tooling is complete, articles are being installed for testing.
3. A new design molded gas cap fairing.. it is more streamlined and will have flanges for easy installation. Many other molded parts are also available.
4. Kitfox Bush Gear – Currently for the Model IV and earlier versions. This is a bolt on system very similar to a Super Cub type gear.
5. SLSA – Kitfox will have an SLSA available next year. The conforming proto-type (required by the ASTM) is being completed with a December target date. This aircraft will be equipped very similar to our current factory demo.
Any questions please feel free to give us a call.