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03-23-2010, 03:22 PM
Welcome to TeamKitfox.com forums!
Whether you are a Kitfox builder, owner, pilot, or would just like to learn more about this great series of aircraft, welcome to our community. You'll get the most out of this forum if you understand a few things about it first, so please read the information below before registering.

During the registration process you'll need to select a user name and a password, probably the same as you've done on other forums.
The forums are available to the public to view, but you must register to post anything. This is necessary to avoid spam, viruses, and malware. For the same reasons there is also a question with an answer required during the registration process that only a human could answer (anti-spambot and spammer measure)... the airport identifier for Homedale, ID which is the home airport for Kitfox Aircraft. You can look up the answer on AirNav.com.
Once the process is complete you will receive an e-mail shortly after with a verification link to comple the registration process -- another anti-spammers measure.
Don't worry, your registration info is totally confidential, it will never be sold or passed out in any way or under any condition, except so far as you include in your postings.

Avatars are little pictures, 80 pixels by 80 pixels, that will appear near your user name whenever you make a post. We encourage their use so as to put faces with names. Feel free to use a picture of your airplane if you wish, but please, joke pics or animations are strongly discouraged. To load an avatar go to the "User CP" (user control panel) which is in the the top menu bar. Please crop tightly with such a small pic.

No COMMERCIAL Promotion, including URLs in forum signatures ...unless you are an advertiser.
Signatures containing links to commercial sites are not allowed and are subject to removal without notice.
Only site sponsors may insert a link to a commercial site within their signatures.
Non-advertisers may list a URL in the 'Home Page' field in their forum member profile pointing to their business, but only there.

Private Messaging
If the administrator has enabled the Private Messaging system, registered members may send each other private messages. Private Messaging are limited to registered members of this forum. Private messages will remain private to insure the usefulness of this feature. If you get a private message from a Moderator or Administrator it may have this warning attached.
Pm messages are just that"Private Messages" not to be made public in any forum on TeamKitfox.com or made available to any other member who was not the addressee of the PM, or any public media outside of TeamKitfox.com. Any PM issued by the Administrator or any Moderator made public will be cause for immediate permanent banning from TeamKitfox.com.

Normal use modes
To get the most out of these forums it is useful to understand the two basic ways of using it...
Method 1 - Go the forum and look around.
Of course you can simply click on a forum, scan the topics, and click on any topic threads you'd like to read. It works fine, and is what most users do, but it can take some time.
Method 2 - Subscribe to forum.
This is the preferred method and will keep you in touch with forums of interest to you without stopping by all the time. You can choose to subscribe to any individual forum you are interested in. You will then receive a daily e-mail with a summary of thread topics where there has been activity. Therefore rather than taking the time to go the forum and scan the topics, you just review the e-mail and click on the links of any topics you'd like to view. To subscribe to a forum, go into the forum of interest and click on the "Forum Tools" menu at the top of the thread list. Select "Subscribe to this forum", then "Daily updates by e-mail" and click the "Add subscription" button and that's it. Repeat this process for each forum you'd like a summary of. You can also subscribe to individual threads you have an interest in, see below.
Subscribing to threads
Just as you can subscribe to a forum as described above, you can subscribe to any message thread you'd like to monitor. The process is the same: when viewing a thread of interest click on the "Thread tools" menu at the top, select "subscribe to thread". You will then receive an e-mail whenever there is activity on the thread. The e-mail will include a link to the thread you can click on, but also the full copy (minus any pics) of the latest post. You can manage all your forum and thread subscriptions from your "User CP" which is always visible in the top menu bar.

Event Calendar
The Event Calendar is accessed via the menu bar near the top of the page. If you add an event, please include their contact information (phone number or web-link) so people can check with the hosts for any changes, etc.

Like subscribing to forums or threads, you can also request the system send you e-mail reminders for individual events on the calendar up to a few days ahead of time. The chapter general meeting is a 'recurring meeting' so if you subscribe one-time for a reminder to that, the system will send you a reminder every month.

Forum posting rules
This is a "moderated" forum with a simple set of rules...Keep it civil. Language and tone that would be inappropriate in the polite company of strangers and their children shouldn't be used. It's pretty simple, express whatever opinion you want, just don't engage in any personal attacks. Yes, the moderators can and will edit or delete any inappropriate posts they deem inappropriate.

Posts that will get deleted 100% of the time:
Duplicate posts.
If your post even remotely smells of politics.
Posts complaining about why a post was deleted.
Videos or links to videos showing illegal flying.

Rules are subject to change without notice.
It is every members and guests' responsibility to abide by forum rules. Use of any feature or part of TeamKitfox.com forums by any registered member or guest will constitute acceptance and knowledge of all TeamKitfox.com forum rules and terms of use.