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05-25-2024, 01:53 PM
So I just got it rebuilt and it is time to sell in order to finance my next project. Up for sale is my Kitfox 4 Speedster. The engine runs fantastic and the airplane flies great too. This is the first Speedster I have flown. My other Kitfoxes have been long wing variants and I prefer how this one flies, particularly the roll authority.

This airplane has a Garmin G5 EFIS with GMC507 autopilot controller and 2 axis autopilot. Has a magnetometer and OAT connected as well. I just got the autopilot tuned and it works really great. Nav tracking via an android running Avare works great too. I will include an old android phone to use with it, but any Android running Avare will work. I have not found any other mapping program that outputs NMEA nav data for use by the autopilot, but one could also hook up a handheld GPS if desired.

Empty weight is 644, gross is 1200, yielding 556 useful load.

Airplane has cabane gear with spring suspension. Fuselage was widened about 2.5" each side yielding lots of elbow room. It is very comfortable to fly.

The panel was set up for a Garmin SL40 com radio, but the radio I had crapped out so I made an adapter harness to connect a handheld radio which I will include with the sale. The connector for the SL40 is still in the airplane, so the buyer could get a SL40, install the tray, install the existing connector on the tray, and slide in an SL40. It would fit right into the empty spot in the stack between the autopilot controller and the transponder.

Included with the sale but not on the airplane right now are the following:

1 pair of 21" Nanco tires that fit the rims on the airplane
A set of uninstalled plastic wing strut covers.
1 extra pair of Matco brake calipers
Matco dual brake caliper installation kit
3 brand new prop blades for the GSC prop
Speedster wheel pants (Can be mounted but they aren't painted yet)

Asking $50,000.00

Below are some specs from the most recent log entry.

Kitfox IV Speedster, N578T
Hobbs time: 761.0 AFTT: 761.0 Engine TT: 761.0

Completed extensive rebuild of entire airplane following an off-airport landing and nose-over. The airplane was completely disassembled, covering removed. Rear fuselage longerons straightened. Two aft fuselage diagonal tubes replaced per AC 43.13-1b. Sandblasted and painted fuselage with epoxy primer and 2k white paint. Fabricated cabane style landing gear. Installed new instrument panel Installed new header fuel tank. Repaired 2 top leading edge ribs in wings. Recovered airplane with uncertified lightweight dacron fabric using experimental latex paint finish. Rewired airplane and installed new equipment as described in the equipment list below. Re-assembled entire airplane. Re-weighed airplane (see weight and balance dated April 20, 2024). ARTEX ELT 345 registered on beaconregistration.noaa.gov. ELT test performed per manufacturer manual. ELT battery expiration date ? August 2027.

Equipment list:
MGL EMS-2 engine monitor
Garmin G5 experimental EFIS
GMC507 autopilot controller
2 GSA28 autopilot servos on roll and pitch axes
GMU11 magnetometer
GAD13 OAT interface
Davtron C307 OAT probe
Surplus standby airspeed indicator
Flightcom 403 intercom
Garmin GTX327 transponder
Uavionix Echo UAT ADS-B in/out
Interface for handheld communications radio
Atrex 406 MHz ELT
Bluetooth receiver for interfacing android phone/tablet to autopilot
Kuntzleman nav/strobe light system


06-03-2024, 05:09 PM
Looks great