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04-19-2024, 06:18 PM
A member of my EAA chapter recently passed away who had bought this aircraft. I'm helping his widow sell the plane.


No current registration. I didn't dig too deep into the paperwork but sometime before 2006 the aircraft was wrecked and the FAA revoked the registration and airworthiness cert. The gentleman's goal was to get it airworthy but fell ill shortly after buying the plane.

It is a nose dragger with some flavor of VW on the front. The firewall has been beefed up for the heavier engine and in the pics you'll notice a elliptical shaped gas tank under the cockpit.

About all he managed to do was buy a 582 with a Kitfox motor mount. I didn't find any documentation(but didn't look carefully either) for the engine but it looks like it might have been recently overhauled as its nearly spotless. I did put a call into Rotax Rick and he said that without documentation it's worth about 2k.

As far as the rest of the aircraft goes I didn't look close but there's no obvious signs of major damage. Wings and Flaperons look to be in good condition.

Asking $6000 OBO. The widow wants it all gone at once, so no parting out unless you take the whole thing and do it yourself.

Located in Salt Lake City Utah

Call me if interested:

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