View Full Version : Classic IV 1200 for sale

04-09-2024, 06:46 PM
I guess the time has come to let someone else enjoy my Kitfox Model IV.
I built it as my last airplane and even reserved the Mark as my initials.
It features a wide body mod and Bubble doors giving almost 46inches at the hips. I also installed an Arizona baggage compartment. That allowed me to carry a large cooler, tent, camping supplies and my backpacks for clothes when I flew across the prairies.
Rotax 912 UL with ULS pistons as provided by Hal Stockman. About 95 hp. The gearbox was also serviced by Hal. Motor runs well.
In flight adjustable IVO prop.
Grove gear and Matco brakes. Pilot and Passenger controls
Matco Tailwheel.
Speedster profile tail.
This is a true 100mph plane that will take you to off airport landing spots.
Selling because age says it is time. I love this plane. It is not a hangar queen and flys a lot. Make it yours and enjoy it for years to come. Panel is basic with ASI, VSI, Altimeter, water, oil gauges, and FL760 radio.
I will include straight floats and Avid wheel thru skis in the package. Message me at normrdt@gmail.com and I will send you my phone number to contact me.
$49,500 USD335963359733600335983359933600