View Full Version : Kitfox Model-4 Classic, bigger 1200 lbs gross model for Ĺ new price model 7 !!!

06-05-2021, 04:59 AM
Hey, donít pay $40,000+ for a new comparably equipped model 7 airframe, get MY model-4 for half that, just $19,995. And the firewall forward is just $4995 more.
No crating fee, no sales tax and no waiting !!! And save 100ís of hours on labor. Tons of extras included too.

Sure the model 7 is a little better, but $20,000+ better????

This kit was purchased by me as an un-started kit, and I have done a lot of the tedious work for you.
Has factory Jigged wings, so no need to worry about miss alignment. All wood has been 2-part aircraft epoxy vanished, but the wings are otherwise un-started. Speed wing kit included. Factory Full size Lexan back window option.

Main fuse is near fabric covering stage, and has controls and aluminum floor / console installed. The Digital / Analog instrument panel means no single point of failure, unlike those all-in-one flat panel displays. Williams Aviation Wide body kit installed, and aftermarket header tank. 2X cargo capacity for those long cross country trips.

This is a currently Tri-gear plane, with grove aluminum gear and new production aircraft wheels and brakes, but can be converted back to tail wheel easy enough. You can just purchase it as firewall back airframe, or with the 100 HP all aluminum Great Plains Type-4 VW / Porsche 914 aero engine conversion installed, which includes oversized round cowling, custom firewall and factory engine mount & prop.

Email me for full details and pics. This ad is also listed on that barn aircraft sale site, and has more pics. Some electronics also included, builders manual and other
paper work, but no fabric or paint. All work has been logged.
281772817828179 2818028182
This is a Sport Class Qualifying aircraft.

Located just outside of Kansas City. Just fly in and I can pick you up at the airport, and drop you off at the U-haul office, if you want to rent a box truck one-way. Email me for more details: hills@sunflower.com

06-10-2021, 06:22 AM
Hey guys;
The airframe asking price has been reduced by $1000 !!!!
See full ad listing, below, for details

06-10-2021, 06:24 AM
Airframe price reduced to just 18,995 !!!!
And the firewall forward is still just $4,995 more.

06-10-2021, 06:36 AM
and email more for the full picture set and detailed work write-up

06-24-2021, 09:19 AM
Crazy Price Reduction !!!
Airframe price reduced to only 18,495 !!!!
And the firewall forward is still just $4,995 more for all that power !!!

07-08-2021, 06:05 AM
Oshkosh Special !!!
New Price for forum members only, airframe reduced to $17,950 !!!!
Save almost $25,000 over a similar equipped factory new model 7
And the firewall forward is still just $4,995 extra for all that power !!!

07-15-2021, 10:28 AM
Below I state a similarly equipped model-7 runs $40,000, but it appears a fellow member ended up paying $56,000 delivered.
Come get my model-4 1200 for only $17,995, and use the $36,000 savings to buy a new car for your wife :)
It's a win-win !
Firewall forward is only $4995 .