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Final assembly

My painting is almost done and I will post pictures of the progress of the final assembly.
  1. A couple of weeks ago I found a hanger for sale at the Nampa airport. It is 48' x 36' and has a crank up door, electricity, gas heating, insulation...
  2. Oct 3, 2015 
I got the stabilizer and rudder installed and worked on trimming the covers so they don't get rubbed by the elevator.
  3. I took it to the EAA hanger on Sept. 26, 2015 to assemble it.
  4. So far the rudder, prop & windshield have been installed
  5. Windshield being installed. It is all fitted and in place.
  6. Windshield with boot cowl on.
  7. Turtledeck
  8. Brake line installation
  9. Right Door Hinge Installation
  10. Breather & oil separator
  11. Engine drains, breather outlet tube and oil filter (Rt to Lt). The red drains are ones that should not ever be leaking (fuel pump and spider...
  12. Left side baffling
  13. Baffling at front
  14. My N number
  15. Installing the AHRS. My son crawled into the tail to help with this.
  16. Garmin AHRS (top), transponder and ADS-B.
  17. Cranking the engine for the first time!
  18. Cutting out the spinner to fit my prop was a challenge. Here it is almost finished with the cutting.
  19. I got my baffling installed today! What a big job. I still need to put on the orange baffle seal. It won't take long to get the controls, sensors and...
  20. Yesterday was spent making sure everything fit correctly: to the other pieces, the engine and clearance from the cowling. After that I demurred all...
  21. I got the exhaust hole made in the bottom cowl with the help of my son. 
I am waiting for a couple NACA ducts to arrive and will put them on the...
  22. The cowling is almost done. I have cut the two pieces into five so that the top and bottom cowl will come off forward of the fire wall without...
  23. The exhaust system is mounted temporarily so that I can make the hole in the bottom cowl
  24. The ADSB antenna was mounted on the factory plate. I used a  Bendix/King certified blade antenna that I got for free.
  25. Com and 406 ELT antennas.
  26. The transponder antenna was mounted under the co-pilot's seat with a 6" ground plane.
  27. The engine mount got painted white (it was green) and here it is installed.
  28. I installed a B&C 30 amp alternator on my engine before putting the engine on the mount.
  29. Getting the engine out of the crate.
  30. Installing the engine.
  31. All installed! Now it's time to have some fun hooking up all of the systems. I just ordered the Garmin G3X engine sensor kit yesterday.
  32. Brake lines installed. I put my rudder on to find the travel limits of the rudder pedals and pulleys with the fire wall on before I could route the...
  33. Fuselage with rudder installed for the first time since I painted it. It's starting to look like an airplane, not just a bunch of parts!
  34. Reservoir drain flange and hose installed.
  35. Fuel drain on belly. I kind of wished I painted this disc red, but black is fine. I will put the 1/4" drain line from the Dukes fuel pump out the FWD...
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