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Version 5 Camera Mount

Version Five is the mount for the Sony video camera that provided the stabilization that makes taking High Definition Video finally possible.
  1. The camera mount showing partial fairing installation.
  2. The camera from the front showing the cable control at the tilt pivot.
  3. Camera mounted showing the wiring detail.
  4. The mounted camera - Right side.
  5. The Micro HDMI cable modification.
  6. Additional detail on the HDMI cable modification.
  7. The camera in the mount showing the tight fit for the Video Out HDMI cable and the needed modification on the HDMI plug.
  8. The camera securing detail showing the ring that surrounds the lens and the V shaped channel that the camera slides into for maximum stability.
  9. Elelcltrical wiring detail and also showing the cable runs from the fairing conduit to the mount
  10. detail for securing covers.
  11. All fairing covers in place
  12. Mount Upper Right Open
  13. Mount Upper Left Rear Cover On
  14. Top cover off showing wire runs and the pan cable run
  15. Camera access door closed showing the locking screws
  16. Camera access door open.
  17. Welded frame right side detail
  18. The basic welded frame structure.
  19. Additional detail
  20. Mount hard points through the lift strut fairings
  21. Inboard end of the wire conduit.
  22. Mount to lift strut detail showing the split tube and securing bolts.  The two top holes are tapped for the bolts that will attach the camera mount. ...
  23. Showing inserting the Lexan protective sheet.
  24. Wire and cable detail
  25. Varizoom Detail showing functions available.
  26. Joystick and controller
  27. Joystick showing handle and controller with cockpit perspective
  28. Additional Joystick detail
  29. Joystick Detail Right
  30. Foot of the Joystick column showing the cable leads.
  31. Cable tensioners
  32. Cable run just inside the left fabric skin.
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