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Some suggestions on technique
  1. Elevator strut fairings.
  2. I chose to fair the junction between strut and fuselage side.  Clear packing tape makes an excellent release agent between the fabric and resin...
  3. The cured fairing is trimmed to 1.75 inches on a table saw.
  4. Clamp.  The clamp was made by riveting some thin aluminum angle onto a length of piano hinge.  It clamps to the flat just beyond the wood shape.
  5. Press the glass against the mold to remove any bubbles.
  6. Wrap the glass around the plug mold.
  7. PLace another layer of Vinyl on the saturated glass cloth and squeegee out the resin excess.
  8. Pouring the epoxy resin on the single layer glass cloth strip.  Notice the Vinyl sheeting under the glass.
  9. Spraying the release agent.  It can also be brushed on.
  10. Detail of the form.  Wood shapes glued to an aluminum strip.
  11. The form with two finished layups.
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